Our vision statement

Our vision is to contribute to the making of disciples of all nations in line with the ‘Great Commission’ of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew 28:20 by teaching Christians regarding all the commands He has given, enabling them to become like Him, His genuine imitators (Luke 6:40).

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Our mission statement

To achieve that, our mission is to develop, promote, present and distribute a series of courses for discipleship of various lengths that cover all the instructions found in the New Testament and that endeavour to equip Christians to put them into practice.


Michel Larribeau


GI has been developed by Michel Larribeau, MTh who has had many years experience of Bible teaching and practical training of international students in both church and college contexts. Parts of the program have been tried, tested and appreciated in these different situations and now are offered to the wider Christian community through the GI package. Michel’s unique approach has always centred on challenging the thinking of the learner and interacting. Please feel free to make contact and discuss matters as you go through the course.