Feedback from Samuel R., Western Uganda - Greetings from Fort Portal (Western Uganda).

I am glad to inform you that the new centre of Bundibugyo has successfully started …

For the first time, I have witnessed pastors repenting…

Evidently for many years, they told me, they have served God in vain, due to the fact that they have not understood the Scriptures very well.

The Word of God is truly a sharp sword.

The Pursuit of Humility course has really changed the hearts of men and women pastors in Bundibugyo.


Feedback from James Akolo, Uganda -  East Africa IBTI Network reunion

We thank the Lord so much for giving the grace to come and visit us in Africa, Tanzania.

 When I came back my bishop wanted to know about my trip; when I explained and told him about the Genuine Imitation he was very excited about it and told me to start it immediately with all our local pastors.

Right now I have started teaching in my church in all the four cell groups last week Monday; we had a big turn up and today, also Monday, the number has increased.

Rev David Malaba (old IBTI student) has also requested me go to his church to begin the GI program with his pastors to help them start.   I am hopping to do this soon, beginning of next month when he will organise a day or two for me.


Feedback from David Ntagazwa, Tanzania - conference

It is a useful addition and worthy course for Christ's Body today. It is restoring quality and responsibility to both church leaders and believers.


Feedback from David Ntagazwa, Tanzania - leaders conference

The Holy Spirit powerfully moved on each and everyone during the African ministers international conference held in Mwanza city, Tanzania.

Thanks be to God for his servants Michel and Diane Larribeau, Genuine Imitation Ministries that all the GI lessons been profitable to all pastors and church leaders who have attended this conference.

They are ready to teach their congregations. The HS is changing lives of many through Anti-Complacency courses. Praise God for GI Ministries.

Church leaders/pastors, prophets, evangelists, teachers and apostles, including prayer warriors were hearing carefully, also, had to work hard penning each and everything which was taught during the conference.   Approx. 200 conferees have attended since the first day of 28/03 to the last day of 30/03.   Several studies were very good taught subjects like: spiritual warfare, GI anti-complacency course and XBGH Joshua chap 10 (Safari mission).  Bishop David Otto Idrifua (former IBTI student) was successfully reminding and educating leaders in a high level. Also, he could pray for the sick and delivering /setting free all with different needs and problems they were facing up. Anti-Complacency is necessary to be taught in churches today because so many Christians are very weak and easily to be driven out by winds due to complacency tendency (1 Thes.4 & 5).  Thank you Michel & Diane Larribeau for your hard work on these studies, for GI Ministries.


Feedback from David Ntagazwa, Tanzania - conference

‘’Finally, brothers, we instructed you to live in order to please God, as in fact you are living.’’ (1Thes.4:1). [GI Anti complacency Course]

In the second week, It was just after this teaching in the church at Metamaywa, in Keroka Kisii Pr Edward had acknowledged “these are good teaching because it’s true that there are conflicts in

churches and also between pastors and members. These lessons have greatly enlightened our mindset. Particularly, when it comes to appraising or appreciating a leader who has done good job in a church.

Kenya Safari mission - It's been great time and successful GI teaching program. It was God's will and timing for this teaching to be presented to church leaders and believers in churches.

The testimony is that the lessons have rebuilt Christ's Body and promoted reconciliation between the divided body as well as families. I have seen this impact with my own eyes just after teaching in Kisumu and Kisii Ministry.


Feedback from Gideon Kitili, Kenya

So let us believe in God all things are possible to those who believe God.

I have clarity of how GENUINE IMITATION ministry is moving and how God has given you big vision.  I believe God is doing this great Extension of work to All nations for God to glorify Himself.  Please let us join our efforts together because God commands blessings where there is unity.

God bless you, I am just using the Notes to teach and our 21 pastors are also doing the same.